Volunteer/staff application

We are always looking for help to make this festival run smoothly and are happy to refund you your tickets once a shift is completed. Jobs usually available: Bar Staff, cafe, Site and Activity support staff, Typically one 4 hour shift is required for Adult ticket. Open to valid ticket holders only. Once shift is complete a ticket refund will be made in cash from the Bar.

Youth ticket holders can help out on stalls or activities supervised by a member of staff, 3 hours.

If two shifts are completed then the volunteer will qualify for a festival voucher for food and drink at the end of the second shift. Volunteers and staff must be ready 30 minutes before their shift at the main muster point next to the bar (or pre determined spot) for a pre-shift briefing.

This is also open to individuals/families who may be interested in doing a educational talk music session or group nature walk during there stay. We are open suggestions.

NB - If you purchase anything, with prior agreement by the Committee, for the festival, please supply receipts to Julian so that you can be fully reimbursed. Also these items need to go through the accounts and be logged for storage at the end of the festival.

Full time staff also required for 1,2 or 3 x 7 hour shifts, (excludes breaks). Please fill out the form and tick full time if you are interested. No ticket required. free camping/campervan pitches.

    Fri 1pm-3pmFri 5pm-9pmSat 9am-1pmSat 1pm-5pmSat 5pm-9pmSun 10am-2pmSun 2pm-6pm


    campingcampervanno staying


    please contact us if you are interested and want to chat with an organiser.


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