When will I get my tickets?

We will email all tickets out in June around the 15th. You will be asked to print off your confirmation, to show guest, car, tent or campervan ticket items. You will need to display your car park or campervan ticket order when you enter the site in the windscreen. Please ask if you need assistance printing your email and we can post them to you instead. At the main gate you will also be asked to show your order confirmation before getting Wrist Bands.

Why only 2 children per adult?

It is part of the licencing policy for child safety dictated by the council and police. This is in line with most festivals around here especially where you are residential.  If you had one child that needs attention it would be very difficult to supervise many other children and the onus would be on the festival organisers to be responsible for your children. You are welcome to bring a friend along to help you too. This is applicable for children up to the age of 18 as we have to rely on the parents to prevent under age drinking too.

What's included in the ticket price?

Included in your ticket price: Entry to the festival ground, wristband, Friday evening School Disco, 2 days of live music, soft hay play area, circus workshops, a number of forest school activities, interactive walks, and all demonstrations.  There are also lots of other activities available for children and adults for a small fee.

Are there showers?

I'm sorry but at the moment we don't supply showering facilities at the festival.  Due to the water being spring fed this is not possible at the moment.

This year we are providing trailer toilets in the main car parks and campsites with sinks as well as the usual outdoor washing facilities - i.e. cold water tap with sink and drainer.

Is there food on site? Will it be from reliable sources? Will there be enough choice to cater for all dietary needs?

Yes, there will be a variety of food outlets from local, ethical and award-winning chefs.  There will be tasty choices to satisfy most dietary choices and needs. We ask for your preferred diets when you buy your tickets so we can make your visit more enjoyable.

There will be dedicated and labelled recycling areas and you will have the option to buy your own branded, souvenir, festival beaker to use throughout the weekend!

Are dogs, cats or other pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed on the grounds. Sorry! If you are registered blind please contact before booking as guide dogs are  permitted with their owners.

Is there security and First Aid at the festival?

Yes, there are SIA security teams patrolling the festival over the weekend and first aiders will be in attendance too. However, the responsibility for your belongings, children and your health remain with you.  Please bring any water bottles, medication & sun cream, especially if you suffer from hay fever or other allergies and don't bring unnecessary valuables and electronics.

Is there a car park?

There is a car park for visitors for which you can book online at £5 per car, valid for the whole weekend.  The charge pays for some security and gates will be locked at night, but we accept no responsibility for any valuables left in the cars.  There will be a regular tractor and trailer service to take you from the car park to the festival.

Are caravans, mobile homes or trailer tents allowed in the car parks or camper van fields?

I'm afraid we can't have caravans, motor homes or trailer tents on site at all.  The festival is held on a wildflower farm, producing seed for sale. Each year a different meadow is mowed for car parking, camping and camper vans to reduce the risk of damage to the soil so that the flowers return the following year.  Caravans and motor-homes  are too heavy or long to negotiate some of the gateways and sometimes require more manoeuvring thus causing permanent damage to the fields.  We will therefore always have this policy at this particular festival site.

Whats your definition of a mobile home?

This is tricky, but we believe a mobile home has a full size door and a campervan does not. Also the height will be no more that 2.3m. If you turn up with a mobile home you may be turned away.  However, we may have some spaces for smaller mobile homes in the car parking field but this is at the discretion of the festival organisers on the day and extra facilities will not be provided there. 4x5m please.

Can I bring a trailer tent?  No. There are no cars allowed in the camping fields for safety reasons.

Is there a maximum size for a tent: No, but your pitch is normally a maximum of 5m x 4m

Can I bring a gazebo: As long as your tent size is reasonable and is within the 5m x 4m. Alternatively you can buy 2 pitches.  However, late arrivals with big tents may not find it easy to get a good pitch.

Are there toilets on site?

Yes there are toilets in and around the Festival. Compost toilets and a number of composting urinals will also be provided to alleviate the flow of queues.

Is there camping on site?

Yes, camping is permitted on site for visitors, if booked.  Camping permitted from 3pm on Friday till 6pm on Sunday. Night gate closing times apply.

What time does the festival open? 

The festival gates open at 3 pm and close at 10 pm on Friday 5th July, open at 8 am and close at midnight on Saturday 6th July, open at 8 am and close at 6pm on Sunday 7th July.


Vendors will take a mix of cash and card.

What is your recycling policy?

We operate a zero waste policy and ask our visitors to take home and recycle all the waste they generate. This helps us with the clean up and keeps the ticket prices reasonable.  However, there will be designated bins around the festival site where we would ask that rubbish should be separated and put in the appropriate container.

Am I allowed to bring glass bottles

Absolutely not.  Please do not bring glass on site. Broken glass is a danger to children and animals and is a fire risk.

Is the festival accessible to disabled users?

Access to disabled users is not easy, due to the terrain being mostly grassy and not flat.

Where is the nearest train station?

The nearest train stations to the festival are at Honiton or Axminster, 5 miles. The nearest public bus service runs to Wilmington from Axminster and Honiton, number 11 service. but is very restricted on Sundays.  You would need to get a taxi from there.

Car Share?

Can We Help out?

Yes please we have a volunteer program and you can register on the website if you are 14 or over. Perks and pocket money available for doing a shift.


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