Terms and conditions – Trade



All persons booking trade stand space, or exhibiting, or wishing to conduct business on the festival field (the Applicant) must read and agree to the following before completing the Trade Stand Form.

  1. The Goren Festival Committee (the GFC), reserves the right to refuse any application without giving reason.
  2. The GFC, officials, organisers, landowner and employees will not be held responsible for the following:-
  3. Any accident, damage or loss to the Applicant’s or agents’ person, goods, vehicles or property unless through direct act or negligence of a Goren Festival official.
  4. Liability for any accident or damage arising from the actions of any person, goods, vehicles or property that should be under the control of the Applicant.
  5. The security and safety of any exhibits, equipment, personal effects or tools brought or used by the Applicant or their agents.
  6. Any consequential loss or expense that may arise as a result of any action or inaction on the part of the GFC or Goren Festival official in connection with the event.
  7. Any action, threat or damage from any person who is not a Goren Festival official.
  8. The Applicant will indemnify the GFC against all claims, damages or expenses arising in any way from the conduct or neglect of the Applicant or any employee, assistant, or instructed person (Agent) for whom they should be responsible.
  9. In the event of a cancellation, postponement or abandonment due to reasons beyond the control of the GFC, site fees NOT including deposits will only be refunded should cancellation be made more than 56 days before the event. Deposits will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  10. Applicants and Agents must fulfil their responsibilities under Health and Safety Legislation with regard to their duties in connection with their activities towards themselves and others. Fire precautions on stands are the responsibility of the Applicant.  Any Applicant intending to use compressed gas or hazardous materials on the days of the festival is to notify the GFC at the time of application
  11. The GFC reserves to right to require any Applicant or their Agent to modify their stand, apparatus, display or behaviour for any reason of safety or conduct not compatible with the event. Failure to take such action in good time will result in expulsion from the event without recourse to any refund.  The decision of GFC officials on such matters is final.
  12. Business must be conducted within the designated space and any relocation can only be given in writing by an appointed Festival official. No touting or business may be conducted outside the defined lines.
  13. Where an Applicant cancels the space reserved for him for any reason, all fees paid will be forfeited and the organisers reserve the right to re- let the space.
  14. Applicants are not permitted to sub-let any part of the space allocated to them.
  15. Please keep your own area clear of litter during and after the event. Refuse bins will be provided for the general public. Provision must be made by Applicants to dispose of trade litter. The organisers reserve the right to charge for reinstatement if the clearance of the site at the close of the event has not been carried out satisfactorily.
  16. No food or drink, for consumption on site, may be sold, save by those with official permits.
  17. A wristband will be allocated on entry to the festival. Wristbands should not be removed until after the festival.
  18. No vehicle movement on the main site without prior consent outside of the timings given in the notes below, and only if the GFC deem conditions allow.
  19. We have a zero waste policy and vendors must remove and recycle their own waste, food or otherwise.
  20. 5amp electricity will be provided, if booked, for lighting for food traders.
  21. A 10% commission on takings from traders with takings of over £200 during the festival would be greatly appreciated towards the running costs of the festival.

Notes to Terms and Conditions

Many thanks for your interest in joining us at this year’s Goren Festival and helping it to be the best yet. This will be the Festival’s 7th year. We are looking to establish a small, boutique and family friendly festival on this active and busy farm. We want to encourage people to engage in the natural environment through education, play and music, and to go a bit wild in Goren Farm’s wild meadow. Our capacity is up to 1500 people and many of our visitors will be fairly local.

We have a Zero Waste policy, in keeping with the farm and festival’s ethos. We ask all vendors to support this by bringing as little packaging as possible and selling your services mindful of this policy.

Your booking includes:

  • Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Sunday trading
  • 2 nights camping pitch
  • 1x parking space
  • 2x wristband

Not included in your pitch is:

  • additional staff wristbands
  • tent or camping equipment
  • meals
  • electricity for appliances


There is access to water at the farmhouse, which is a small distance from the food trading area. Please be prepared to carry your water this distance. Your contact on the day will be Fay Goodall, phone 07763127220.  Stewards on the gate will direct you to your pitch. You will be given a parking permit  which should be completed with a contact name and phone number for the driver and trade stand details and left with your vehicle


It is also possible to set up on Thursday by prior arrangement.

Friday and Saturday traders –

Friday Traders may arrive from 8.30am.

1pm: Traders must have their retail unit set up and in working order.

3pm: All non-essential vehicles must be parked in designated space away from the festival area.

3pm: Gates open to the public, no vehicle movement on site except for emergency vehicles.

6pm: Music starts in the festival area.

11pm: bar and bands finish


Throughout the day there will be bands playing and children’s activities

12am: bands finish


8am: Canteen open for breakfast

3pm- 5pm: Cease trading and move off site.

8pm: Site closed

Vehicles will only be allowed into the festival area when given the all clear by steward.

Please feel free to trade at any time during the hours specified above.

Payment notes and pitch fee

The pitch fee is £100, set against a contribution of 10% of your takings at the event. £100 is payable in advance as a deposit to secure your pitch. The remainder of the fee will be due within 7 days of the conclusion of the event and will be sent via email invoice.

The deposit and any other services can be paid via the online booking form. By making payment of the deposit you are accepting the terms and conditions as stated in this document.

Receipt of your deposit will be acknowledged and a receipt sent electronically.

Vehicle movements during the festival:-

Please be aware that there is no movement of vehicles around the festival area once the gates are open to the public. If you need to use your vehicle during the festival to go off site please make prior arrangements with one of the stewards.  It will then be noted on your parking permit.

Privacy and data protection: 

  1. No financial information is held by Goren Festival Ltd.  We currently use Paypal, who process the payments and will hold your financial information.
  2. We hold the name email, IP and address of the person buying the tickets along with booking details.
  3. No Data is sold or traded with other companies or third parties. This information is only shared with Mailchimp software to send out reminders and event information solely referring to the Goren Festival.
  4. If you want to unsubscribe please do so by using the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email you receive.