updated 21/03/2022

Dear Friends

We are very pleased to be going ahead with Goren Festival 2023. We look forward to dancing in the sunshine again.

As this is an outdoor events we are a lower risk than bars, clubs and restaurants. We will have procedures in place to prevent spread and offer refunds for vulnerable groups. We will have steps in place to manage risk assessments and procedures that the musicians, entertainers and food vendors, staff and visitors will require.

We will have adequate hand washing and sanitising stations throughout the site and First Aid on site 24/7.

As per England government guidance 24 February 2022 we still ask:

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms should continue to stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

If you have any kind of temperature, cold or flu symptoms we would ask that you stay away from the festival and get yourself well.

Finance: If the festival is cancelled, either by ourselves or due to government restrictions, then we can’t get insurance against this and will have to refund tickets. Refunds will occur within 90 days of the announcement to cancel. We have introduced a 10% booking fee, that is non-refundable and will help cover our admin costs.