The Peaceful Hooligan

Solo project by the Lead singer/songwriter from the band ‘Sweet Black Angels’


Sheryl Crow, Noel Gallagher, Shane McGowan, Simon & Garfunkel, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Levellers, Richard Ashcroft, The Nightwatchman and The Lemonheads.
After filling in for a 6th form band who were singerless for their rehearsals, Scott (then aged 17) decided to form his own 6th form band. The band lasted 6 months but three of the members went on to form the very successful ‘Sweet Black Angels’ and supported the likes of the Dum Dums @ Worcester Uni and Laika Dog ( ex-Terrorvision) @ The Garage, London. They recorded their EP at the Levellers studio in Brighton and went on tour to promote it. The EP ‘Elevated Descent’ was limited to only 500 copies which all sold out during the tour. The band were signed by Matchbox Recordings in Oxfordshire and released their debut album ‘Beneath Shadows’. They released 2 download singles from this album which were played on radio stations around the world, enjoying a long stay on ISON Live in Australia. Their first single ‘I Know What You’re Thinking’ was played on various internet radio stations and also Planet Rock while ‘Envy’ the second single was also played on various internet stations and XFM. The band played twice at the Bulldog Bash in Stratford alongside The Datsuns, Therapy, Alabama 3 and Hundred Reasons. During the course of the year over 80 gigs all over the UK and France were covered. They decided to give up work and take the band on the road full time. In 2006 the tour went under way with a schedule of around 20 gigs a month starting in January. The band played around 100 gigs and had airplay on Saint FM in Southampton, Cotton Rock Radio in Mississippi and the VM Underground Show on HMR Radio in California. Scott decided to form his solo project ‘The Peaceful Hooligan’ in 2010 and is planning a tour to promote an acoustic album which will be released later next year. The album will include acoustic versions of SBA songs and new ones with a slightly new direction from the songs used in SBA and would be described as sounding like a cross between a male fronted Sheryl Crow band and a Noel Gallagher solo project but with a more social/political hint to the lyrics. Other influences include, Richard Ashcroft, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, John Lennon and The Pogues. Recently supported Mark Chadwick (lead vocalist in the Levellers) @ Dirty South in London.
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The Peaceful Hooligan album cover