updated 27/03/2020

Dear Friends
During these extremely challenging times, our thoughts are with you all. None of us could have imagined the current scenario we now face as we danced in the sunshine in the meadows last year.
We wanted to let you know our position regarding the Goren Festival 2020.
The festival has not been cancelled at this point and the final decision will not be made until 1st June.  However, we will be shutting down all administrative work during April and be monitoring government advice throughout.  At the moment it is still possible the peak could be as early as late April and that outdoor events are a lower risk than bars, clubs and restaurants. We will have procedures in place to prevent spread and offer refunds for vulnerable groups. We are also assessing the risks assessments and procedures that the musicians, entertainers and food vendors will have in place too. We aim to make a statement on the website at the beginning of each month.

The website will still be running with information for you.
We obviously hope that Covid-19 may have peaked and restrictions relaxed enough through the much mentioned ‘herd immunity’ for us to run the event this year and, if so, we very much hope you will still join us, If, however, we are forced to postpone, it will be until next summer.  Due to the nature and location of the festival on a wildflower farm it would not be viable to run at any other time.  Again, we hope you will be able to join us and would let you know dates as soon as possible should this be the case.
We will still monitor emails during our admin shutdown, so if you have any individual queries please do not hesitate to contact us.  

We are lucky that we are only a small festival and can set up with local volunteers, staffing from the farm and have a lot of infrastructure in place already.

Whatever happens we will have adequate hand washing and sanitising stations throughout the site and First Aid on site 24/7.

Finance: If the festival is cancelled, either by ourselves or due to continuing government restrictions, then we can’t get insurance against this and will have to refund tickets. Refunds will occur within 90 days of the announcement to cancel. We have introduced a 10% booking fee, applicable for tickets bought after 1st March 2020, that is non-refundable and will help cover our costs. We still have costs and deposits to pay and will offset against the 6k profit we made last year which we had earmarked for building a forest school area for the local schools and wildlife charities to use free of charge. If the time comes and you are prepared to donate your ticket any profits will be given to charitable causes. (Last year we donated £6000 to local schools and the Lions Club). If the 2020 festival is cancelled then tickets may also be carried over to next year’s festival – dates to be confirmed. We understand some of you may be struggling financially right now and you feel that you need that cash or may be in a venerable group and the likely hood of attending in July will put you in a difficult position please get in touch with us and we will do whatever it takes to help you with an early refund.

Fingers crossed, it will be the best festival yet, as we have lots of new things planned this year. Thank you for your understanding and support. We hope this can go ahead, as it will be a welcome break for many.

Finally, we wish you all the very best of luck and hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well.
Julian and Laura

P.S. Stay at home unless absolutely necessary, wash your hands and look after the vulnerable.